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Thread: need help gettin more milk in!

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    Default need help gettin more milk in!

    hello to all. well my question is . is there really anyway to increase your milk? my son is 2 weeks and hes number 5 i have nursed all my other children but never had a problem. but i have noticed that when i feed on 1 side he gets mad. so i pumped tonite and got a whole 3 oz , but when my milk first came in i was getiing like 5oz in less then 5 mins so i nurse off the other side and he will nurse for maybe 15-20 mins... and im not ready to bottle feed just yet. so any ideas or suggestions ?? thanks in advance

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    Default Re: need help gettin more milk in!


    You can always increase your milk output. Milk supply is determined by demand. If baby demands more from the breast (or mom demands more by using a pump), it will produce more. However, it does not sound like you have a supply problem or that you need to use bottles. Most moms overproduce milk when their milk first comes in- and yes, 5 oz in 5 minutes does sound like overproduction! A newborn takes maybe 2-3 oz max at the breast, and most babies continue to take only that amount throughout their first year. So after a mom has been nursing for a while, production declines to match demand pretty exactly, without a lot of extra milk lying around to make mom feel full or to pump out. This is desirable, since making extra milk is a waste of energy and puts you at increased risk for unpleasant things like plugged ducts and mastitis.

    There are many reasons why babies fuss at the breast, including:
    - Breast preference. Many babies prefer one breast to the other.
    - Flow preference. Baby may desire a faster or slower flow of milk, and often one breast delivers the preferred flow speed.
    - Position. Babies sometimes don't like being held in a certain way, for example, they might not like lying on one side as opposed to the other.
    - Gas.
    - Being a baby.

    Stay away from the pump and just nurse, nurse, nurse! Your supply sounds just fine (remember, baby is almost always better at removing milk from the breast than the pump), but if you have any concerns, watch diaper output. If pee and poop are coming out in adequate quantities, you know the baby is getting enough to eat.

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