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Thread: Just an odd question.

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    Default Just an odd question.

    I am a little apprehensive about posting this and am afraid of the drama/bashing that may ensue but here it goes.

    I have heard that drinking a beer can help increase milk supply. I have heard various reasons hops and or yeast in the beer. My lactation nurse while in the hospital told me that one beer would not hurt the child and that there would be no need to pump and dump if I only had one beer. I have tried this once and noticed a bit of a difference.

    I guess my question is, has anyone else heard of this or tried this, and will one beer be an issue to my child. Please know that I am not saying for me to get tanked and then pump milk for my child I am really only interested because of being told it can increase my supply.

    thanks for any information and no drama

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    Default Re: Just an odd question.

    You could always do nonalcoholic beer to ease your mind ...And yes, I've heard that before.
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    Default Re: Just an odd question.

    This link talks about breastfeeding and alcohol: http://www.kellymom.com/health/lifestyle/alcohol.html I am with the PP that if you are concerned about drinking and nursing, nonalcoholic beer will have the same or perhaps even a greater effect than regular beer does- I think the ingredient that's supposed to be good for milk supply is the hops in beer, not the alcohol.

    And I think the longer you hang around the forum, the more you'll realize that it's a pretty drama-free zone. Or at least drama-lite. (Which would be a great name for a beer! )

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    Default Re: Just an odd question.


    It really doesn't sound like it would be a problem! But if you are concerned, you could try eating more galactagogue foods rather than drinking beer.

    ETA: Here's a neat page about lactation cookies. http://www.drmomma.org/2010/08/lacta...ncreasing.html

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    Default Re: Just an odd question.

    My mother was told that when she had my younger brother, and she seemed to be having supply problems. She did it...got those little ones, the 4 oz ones, and drank a beer every night, even though she hated it and doesn't drink. She said the problems went away, but whether or not it was a real or perceived problem, I don't know. He was fine.
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    Default Re: Just an odd question.

    When my aunt gave birth to my cousin in Germany (my uncle was in the army) they gave her a beer in the hospital to help with milk production. I think there is some concern that alcohol can suppress milk supply so nonalcoholic beer may be the best choice.

    And while there can be drama on the boards, drinking beer to increase milk production is not a drama inducing topic.
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    Default Re: Just an odd question.

    I have heard that beer helps supply, but I have also heard that alcohol can slow let-down, so it is kind of a wash.

    I do not have any references to support this besides heresay
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    Default Re: Just an odd question.

    Beer helped my supply. I'm not even going to use the duck smiley, because I don't see anything wrong with one beer.

    My rule for myself is that if I am ok to drive I am ok to nurse/pump (I pump). I have had more than one beer and waited to sober up.

    I have noticed a distinct increase after the especially hoppy craft beers. And I am normally a very anxious person, so a little help unwinding helps things.

    And if you like beer, it beats swallowing fenugreek capsules. mmm beer. It's Mardi Gras! I think I will try and increase my supply tonite. . .

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    Default Re: Just an odd question.

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*scienceteachermommy View Post
    When my aunt gave birth to my cousin in Germany (my uncle was in the army) they gave her a beer in the hospital to help with milk production.
    Supposedly in Ireland it's "have a baby, have a Guinness" in the hospital.

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    Default Re: Just an odd question.

    I hear it's the hops in beer that helps. I have a friend who took tincture of hops to increase supply and found that it helped her a lot, and she could get a lot more that way than she would have through beer. That said, I took this as an excuse to have an occasional IPA (very bitter, very hoppy) while nursing.

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