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Thread: Going back to workand need some guidance

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    Default Going back to workand need some guidance

    So, my DS is almost 7mo, and I go back to work full-time a week from today.
    I have been home with him since birth, and I nurse on demand. I do work two afternoons a week for a few hours, so I leave a 4.5oz bottle for him to have while I'm away. I know that's probably on the large side, but it's only been twice a week, so I'd rather he have too much than not enough.
    Now that I'm going to be pumping at work, I need to figure out how much to send with him, or more specifically, what serving sizes. We will be apart for nine hours, so if I calculate, he should need about 13.5oz if he takes in 1.5oz an hour. I plan to nurse before we leave in the morning (730am), pump at work at 1030am, 1pm, and 330pm, and nurse when we get home and on demand for the night. Should I send 3 4.5oz bottles, or make them smaller? If I go with the larger serving size, they can always offer the rest at the next feeding if he doesn't eat it all, right? I'm just worried about possible overfeeding or wasting that precious stuff.
    Basically, I'm super anxious about being away from him and need some general guidelines about how to do this right and reassurance that I'll be able to produce enough to keep him satisfied while we're apart.
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    Default Re: Going back to workand need some guid

    Since you've never been apart, it's hard to imagine pumping a day's worth of milk but you will! I had supply issues and was surprised the first day back when I pumped 15 oz over 3 pumping sessions. Not to say you will get the pumping routine perfect the first day, but by the end of the week it will be better. Trust me!

    4.5 oz bottles are kind of big; I actually send 4 bottles with 3 or 4 oz each. Instruct the caregiver to feed on demand and do not toss out the milk! Save it for next feeding or send it home.

    It is a tough transition, but it will work out

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    Default Re: Going back to workand need some guid

    I would probably start with smaller bottles. If your DCP isn't used to feeding breastfed babies, it will be less likely that your DS will be overfed if the bottles are smaller. The other is that some DCP won't hold bottles from one feeding to another because you can't with formula.

    This link gives some good info on bottlefeeding the breastfed infant.
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