my kiddo has been having thrush on and off since he was 3 weeks old (it would disappear after flucanazole drops but come back in a week or two). but when he was 3.5 months old, i was treated with diflucan and him on oral flucanazole and it had gone! i was so relieved but a white spot is back on his lips today. i am so heartbroken and at the end of my wits - really confused what to do. i have no symptoms whatsoever but i am totally positive he is getting it from me (i have had vaginal thrush but a C section, besides also have dandruff and tinea versicolor so i seem to be like a walking abode for fungii).
i had asked his ped abt probiotics after reading stuff here but at least two months ago, he had said no to that. he has not yet started on solids. and one main question i have is whom should i be seeking advice from - a dermatologist, a gynec or the ped?
i must say i feel really down that he keeps getting this because of me. cant help but blame myself.
now he is at a pre-teething stage and likes to lick everything he sees. i dont know how i will ever manage to make everything yeast-free. is this likely to lessen at least as he grows older and takes more solids? i keep reading nasty things abt side-effects of diflucan and so forth and i would hate to put him on it, knowing that unless i am cured permanently it is unlikely that he will be.
so sorry for the rant, but i dont know who else to turn to who would get what i am saying!