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Thread: Will my baby ever learn?????

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    Default Will my baby ever learn?????

    I'm starting to get worried... my baby is 10.5 months. She only eats pureed foods. The puree can be thick and even chunky, but she won't eat anything that's solid on its own (like a little piece of pasta, or a puff). Also, she's never taken a bottle, and she doesn't drink from a cup. I've tried a couple of different sippy/straw cups, and she pushes them away and doesn't even let me put them in her mouth. She's never drank any fluid other than my breastmilk straight from the tap.

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    Default Re: Will my baby ever learn?????

    Patience. Patience, patience, and more patience. Just keep offering the finger foods and the sippy cups, and don't be afraid to offer them before you take out the purees and spoon. Maybe if your LO is a little hungry, she'll be more apt to pick up a piece of nice-smelling food and put it into her mouth.

    This is all totally normal for a baby who is less than a year old. A lot of babies are still pretty much exclusively breastfed until a year or even beyond. Breastmilk alone meets all their nutritional needs until a year or thereabouts.

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