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Thread: Did your child have allergies as infant?

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    Default Did your child have allergies as infant?

    Hi everyone! I have been posting in the allergy section of this forum, but I thought it would be a good idea to ask a few questions here to moms that are nursing older children.

    Did any of you have a child that had allergies as an infant? If so, did you continue to breastfeed through it or put them on hypoallergenic formula and pump to keep up your supply? I am wondering what the outcome was. If you continued to nurse through it, did you child outgrow their allergies eventually? Was there any long term damage by continuing to BF?

    Any input would be great!

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    Default Re: Did your child have allergies as infant?

    Madeline is allergic to both dairy and soy. I cut them both out of my diet and continued to nurse her. She is now 13 months old and still nursing. Any foods that she does get has to be put via her G-Tube in her stomach due to she has a oral aversion to textures. But she does nurse orally and will continue to do so until she decides to stop.
    Her pedi has also suggested for us to continue to breastfeed till at least 2 to see if she could possiably grow out of the allergies, since we are not there yet, I am still keeping my diet and her diey dairy and soy free. I do have a feeling she has a problem with cherios though, I put some in my milk, let them get soggy and mashed them up/purreded them, put it through her tube and the next day she had diherrah. I did that again yesterday (a couple of weeks ago was the 1st time I tried it) and the same thing happened, diherrah.
    She was on Neocate while she was in the NICU due to the testing they did showed the allergies (I am lactose intollerant and DH has problems with soy, she is allergic to both - full blown allergies is what we were told). Once we got her home, she never had any more formula.

    Hope some of this helps.

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    Default Re: Did your child have allergies as infant?

    Our DS had trouble with dairy which became the worst around 3 months of age. I cut out dairy from my diet & slowly reintroduced one dairy product at a time after he was about a year old w/ some occasional dairy inbetween. He is 26 months now & he loves cottage cheese & that was one of the worst things he'd have a reaction to after I ate it, go figure! We did not supplement w/ formula but did give bottles of soy milk between the ages of 8-12 months due to lack of milk supply b/c I was pregnant, but I was still nursing on demand during that time as well. I limit his dairy intake as to not give him too much but he seems to be doing fine now. It was the milk protein he had trouble with, not lactose intollerant(sp?).

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