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Thread: What is wrong with my breastmilk!!!

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    Default What is wrong with my breastmilk!!!

    DS is 17 months. He got his first cold at 11 months. It turned into a sinus infection. At nearly 13 months he got another cold and that turned into an ear infection. 15.5 months he got a very nasty cold and again turned into an ear infection. Now he is his 17 months and another cold! All of his colds/ear infections except the one at 11 months he got a molar or canine tooth at the same time. At 15 months I joined the YMCA and have him and his sister (36 months) in the child watch area for 1 hour 2 times a week. DS is still breastfeeding, has never recieved formula and never been to daycare. What the heck! I can't imagine how sick or how often he'd be sick if he were not breastfed. My daughter was never sick until 14 months. In three years she's had maybe 3 colds! What is wrong??? I feel like my milk this time around is not as protective as it was for my daughter. My kids are 19.5 months apart in age.

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    Sorry your LO is sick, mama! It may not be your milk that's lacking in protection, but rather the fact that you have an older child who is getting into all sorts of stuff and dragging home more bugs. I think a lot of moms notice their second, third, etc., kids get sick more than their first, who was in a sort of bubble when it came to germs.

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    with Mommal. DS1 was RARELY sick and DS2 is sick more often. However, I do wonder if some of the immune system is determined by genetics, because whenever both my kids get something at the same time, DS2 stays sick longer and recovers slower. And this is in spite of DS2 nursing longer than DS1.

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    yup. My number 1 was never sick a day in his life until 3 years old-when he started preschool. Of course I just knew it was because I breastfed. Number 2, born just before number one turned 3, had his first cold at 2 weeks, and to this day has more frequent and more severe colds than number one, higher fevers, even had an ear infection recently which I had totally avoided before. Same mom, same dad, same milk, I was like, what the?????

    The fact that breastmilk provides immunological protection, unfortunately does not mean breast fed babies never get sick. To feel better about it, I look at it this way.

    If you breastfeed, it is less likely your child will get sick. If the child gets sick, it is likely they will not get AS sick as they would have if you did not breastfeed. And if they DO get super sick, nursing is often the best way to comfort and continue to nourish a sick child.

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    Also physically all kids can be born different, like my brothers kids, he has 3 children with brown hair and 3 with blonde hair. You just never know what you may get.

    It seems like I heard once that children prone to ear infections often have some part of their ear that isn't as long as children who don't get them often, and that's why they usually outgrow the ear infections once they get older and that part of the ear grows (draining the ear correctly) they don't get them any more.

    My personal experience, my husband has had ear infections his whole life, still does as a adult! He only had a few months of breast milk as a baby and then was put on formula.

    DD1 got ear infections even though she was only on EBM from day 2 on. However, she didn't get them nearly as much as DH as a child, and DH had to have tubes put in multiple times as a child, DD1 never has had to have tubes. And it doesn't seem like she had a ton of them either. She didn't start getting them till about your childs age either. But, I will tell you this, she is now 5 1/2 years old and rarely every gets sick. After age 3 she has barely ever been sick. In fact last week was her first cold I think since she was about 3 years old. And it lasted less then 24 hours.

    Any way, DD2 and DS have barely barely ever gotten sick and neither has ever had a ear infection. I'm assuming their ear thing must of been better formed/longer then DD1 is all I can think. I will also say DD1 looks the spitting image of her father. And dd2 and DS look like me and my family who have never had ear infection problems, so maybe DD1 inherrited the same ear thing physically as her father cause of all the looks being exactly the same...maybe her ear looks exactly the same on the inside too. But, since DH still over 30 years later still has a ton of ear infections, and now it's been a loooong time since DD1 has had any, I contribute all that breast milk to helping her not get near as many as her father did/does.

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    Default Re: What is wrong with my breastmilk!!!

    Thanks everyonw for your good points and encouraging words

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