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Thread: Pumping at Work - experience

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    Like other posters here, my experience with pumping at work was generally a lot easier than this. Other women in my office have pumped for their babies, so it was old hat by the time I needed to do it. I used a conference room, or when that wasn't available, I used our copy room. The women in the office were very supportive. My male coworkers never breathed a word about it, not wanting to touch that whole idea with a ten foot pole. Initially, I felt a little embarrassed, but I soon learned that if you don't project any embarrassment about what you're doing, people around you will follow suit and it won't be a big deal. If you act embarrassed, they can't help but feel embarrassed as well, and it gives them the impression you're doing something wrong, etc. So even if you don't always FEEL it, always ACT like breastfeeding and pumping are no big deal, and pretty soon, it won't be a big deal. (P.S. This works great for nursing in public too.)

    I travel around our area for work, and I didn't always want to ask clients for a breastfeeding space, so I sometimes pumped in my car with a nursing cover. I never once pumped in a bathroom.

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    I feel terrible for this writer! I wish she would have spoken up for herself with her first child. I couldn't imagine pumping in a bathroom!

    My work had a dedicated room with a lock in Human Resources. I was able to pump 3x/day.
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