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    Wanted to share my story for those mommies that will be back at work soon...

    A little background... I have 4 children; 20 & 12 yr. both girls, BF for no longer than 3 months (I had no idea what I was doing). 29 months and 12 weeks old, both boys; BF my son for 21 months and currently BF my new baby. Had a horrible start with BF with my previous son; emergency C/S, milk came in late, low supply, slow wt gain, i was in tears constantly and visiting my lactation consultant all the time. Baby was ALWAYS at my breast and once I came back to work fulltime, it was a struggle and nightmare to pump enough ounces to cover the day. I had to pump day AND night, several times a day on my days off to have just enough for him whenever I had to work. This forum and my support meetings where a GOD send for my sanity and my determination to BF my son exclusively, especially as I had NO support from family and SO. Had to work hard against all odds. I also had to take Fenugreek and power pumping to maintain my supply. But once again, I was determined to succeed at this BF! I work 12 hours/day, 3 days a wk...my son ate 16 oz while I was at work...

    Current son... born planned repeat C/S (my choice as I wanted to tight my tubes, 4 is enough for me ) told my family to keep their opinions about BF to themselves (as my SO had finally come to realize the benefits and supported me 100%). Milk came in the night before I left the hospital, baby latched on beutifully, no sore nipples, no engorgement, as I had the baby on me 24/7. I waited 8 weeks to start pumping and saving EBM getting my freezer supply ready for when I had to go back to work (pumped a whole month, once a day in the morning and saved 50 oz.). Spoke with my manager about going back to work part-time for the first month and we where able to work my schedule that I only had to work 2 days a week (12 hrs) every other week for the month of Feb. AND March (came back to work Feb. 21, baby was 10 wks). I pump every 3 hours at work for 20 min and my son is drinking 11-13 oz while I'm at work and already wt at 14 lbs (8lbs 2 oz at birth). I am pumping 11-16 oz, needless to say this time around BF and pumping while at work has been a GREAT SUCCESS

    Wanted to share this so that any mommies that are struggling or not sure if to continue BF when going back to work, know that it CAN be done. I've had experienced BOTH ends of the spectrum (low supply, hard work and now GREAT SUCCESS)
    Working mommy to Cat, Nikki, Brandon and baby Lucas
    exclusively for the second time!
    we made it 21 months with previous son and 9 months and counting with Lucas

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    Mama to my all-natural boys: Ian, 9-4-04, 11.5 lbs; Colton, 11-7-06, 9 lbs, in the water; Logan, 12-8-08, 9 lbs; Gavin, 1-18-11, 9 lbs; and an angel 1-15-06
    18+ months and for Gavin, born with an incomplete cleft lip and incomplete posterior cleft palate
    Sealed for time and eternity, 7-7-93
    Always babywearing, cosleeping and cloth diapering. Living with oppositional defiant disorder and ADHD. Ask me about cloth diapering and sewing your own diapers!

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