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Thread: Sick toddler and dumb mom (me!)

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    Default Sick toddler and dumb mom (me!)

    Hi Everyone,

    DD (21 months) has a horrible upper respiratory virus. She has never been this sick with a "cold" before. Her nose is a faucet, fever for 24 hours with Motrin, and a horribly wet cough. She alternates with periods of severe congestion, so much so that she can't nurse. It has gotten to the point today where she doesn't even want to look at them. When I offer, she closes my shirt frantically. The last time she actually nursed was this morning.

    Like an idiot, I decide to have a cup of chamomile tea, and offer her some watered down in a sippy. 10 minutes later, my boobs are ready to explode. One more thing to file under "I didn't know it was a galactagogue". (Along with oatmeal, peaches, milet...the list goes on and on). As I am trying to hand express, she is freaking out, trying to close my shirt, and screaming. I really hope this does not cause her to wean

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    Sorry, mama! Don't let baby stop you from hand-expressing, though. When baby isn't nursing you want to remove milk so you can maintain supply for when she does nurse.

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    Don't worry about weaning yet, I try not to take anything my kids do when sick to be indicative of anything except that they are sick and miserable. Illness will sopmetimes trigger a nursing strike, but you can deal with that if it occurs.

    Poor baby, has no idea what is going on, and likely would like to nurse but cannot get the breathing right in order to do it so it's frustrating her! I think it's kind of cute she is closing your shirt. Poor thing!

    Agree with mommal though, just your child suddenly not nursing can cause breasts to get really full, inadvertent galactagogue intake or no. So you want to hand express if she cannot nurse-hey, maybe she will take your expressed milk from a cup?

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