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    This may be dumb but I don't know if my milk has "come in yet."

    DS is 11 days old. We had some latching issues and for a few days he didn't nurse well and I pumped and supplemented (rec by pedi because of wait loss). Basically he latched okay for the 4 days we were in the hospital, had a rough 3-4 days with minimal latching and now has been taking the breast better. There was a whole day where he didn't latch and I didn't have a pump, when it came in the mail the next day I started pumping about every 3 hours. When I pump I only get 1/2 oz. I pump after feedings as well to make sure my breasts are empty and I still get about 1/2oz.

    In all this time I never felt like my milk came in, it seems like a lot of people say you know when it comes, but I don't. After 11 days I feel like it must have, so maybe I have a low supply?? Did my supply get ruined from those few days of poor latching?

    Has anyone's milk come in this late?

    The LC said that if a woman gets more that 2.5 L of IV fluid it could make milk come in late, I got almost 6 L of fluid in the hospital. Has anyone heard of this? I am trying to do research but coming up pretty empty.

    I know supplementing is not good for supply, but I only supplement after a feeding and still pump regularly.


    I just learned about power pumping and I am thinking about trying that this evening, has this worked for anyone?

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    Default Re: Question Re: Milk Coming In??

    Let's say you express a few drops onto the surface of the nipple. What do they look like? If they are a golden yellow color, then what you're seeing is colostrum. If they are anywhere in the spectrum of creamy white to bluish white, then you are seeing milk. Many moms talk about milk coming in as being a distinct and noticeable interval, where they suddenly experience a lot of sensations of fullness or engorgement. But it doesn't work that way for all mothers. It is possible for milk to come in without mom noticing any significant changes in terms of breast size or fullness or letdown sensation (many mothers do not experience letdown sensation at all).

    IV fluids, early supplementation, and latch problems can all impact the timing of milk coming in, and the amount of milk that is produced. However, these issues can almost always all be overcome given the right tools and determination. Here's what I suggest:
    1. See a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC.
    2. Pump frequently using a high-quality pump.
    3. Supplement with your own milk.
    4. Check out this link on Weaning from supplements: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/decrease-formula.html
    5. Definitely try power pumping!

    How much are you supplementing with, and how is nursing going aside from supplementing? Does baby's latch feel comfortable, is he sleepy at the breast, does he fuss at the breast when he wants a bottle?

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    When I express it is white, so I guess that answers my question! Thanks.

    My problem earlier this week as simply that he flat out refused to latch. Now he latches with no pain and though he is sometimes sleepy at the breast, I just tickle his chin or feet and he starts sucking again. If he is super fussy I give him a tiny bit of formula or expressed milk ( maybe 5 ml) just of the instant gratification then usually latches after, but that is usually only during his evening witching hour.

    All of your tip are great, I usually supplement with about 60ml, so as of now at least 1-2 bottles a day is my milk. Today he has been latching so well I have alternated supplementing after every other feeding, but
    I will check out that link for weaning for tips to make sure I am not withdrawing that food source too quickly.

    Power pumping is on the agenda for later, talk about a fun Saturday night , haha.

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