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Thread: When to wean

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    I am 5 months pregnant with baby# 2 and still breast feeding baby # 1. Baby # 2 will be born when #1 is 14 months old. I want to bf # 1 until she is 1 year old.

    The question is...should I...

    a. stop bfeeding #1 now
    b. stop bfeeding # 1 when she is a year and just pump and store for #2
    c. bfeed #1 until #2 is born (what's an extra couple of months)

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    thank you

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    Have you noticed any drop in milk supply? This is typical when pregnant, so you may want to make sure your (if my math is correct) 9 month old is gaining OK/getting enough of your milk to meet his needs nutritionally. If not, you may need to consider supplementing.

    There is usually no health reason to wean when pregnant, but many moms find nursing uncomfortable when pregnant and/or, baby may wean due to lack of milk or changes in the taste. After new baby comes and there is tons of milk, if your toddler has weaned, they may want to start nursing again, and you may want to do so. Again, usually no health reason not to do this, but some moms do not enjoy tandem nursing.

    Personally, I nursed my toddler throughout my subsequent pregnancy and tandem nursed both boys. We had issues here and there, but ultimately, this is what worked best for ME and my kids. But this is going to be very individual.

    The book Adventures in Tandem Nursing has a ton of fantastic info on this subject-nursing when pregnant and tandem nursing-plus lots of mothers stories, I highly recommend this book.
    I really have no idea about pumping when pregnant. Is there some reason you want to do this?

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    I nursed throughout both pregnancies and tandem nursed DD1 and DD2. I decided to slowly wean DD2 when I got PG with DD3 because I was one of those who didn't enjoy Tandem nursing (Felt a lot of guilt) but my DDs were older than your LO. Both weaned when they were 2.5 years old.

    I suggest the book Adventures in Tandem Nursing if you go that route.

    If you decide to wean, I suggest doing it ASAP as it might take time.

    Good luck!

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    If you are still able to nurse and your supply has not dropped and you can I would go to the year point and then perhaps begin the weaning process. By replacing sessions with solids and beginning to set limits. You may feel differently about nursing your baby when the new baby comes. Some women find that nursing a toddler really helps with engorgement issues at the beginning. And also that it really helps with the bonding issues that come up when a 2nd child arrives. Whether you decide to tandem nurse or not I would focus on getting to a year if that is possible and then take it from there.

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    I nursed my toddler through most of the last trimester and looking back I don't know how I would've survived it without nursing her. I was so tired and sore and unfun. It was the only thing I could do for her somedays that helped. And it was the only time she would lay still and not be exhausting. Something to consider.

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