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Thread: 1 year and question about milk

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommal View Post
    Yes, if your LO is nursing less than 3-4 or 3-5 times a day, some sort of dairy or dairy alternative is important. That doesn't have to mean milk or other beverage in a cup, though. Yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, tofu, etc., all count towards filling baby's needs for fat and calcium.

    ETA: AFAIK soy milk is not a great substitute for dairy. Something about the type of fats and sugars in it...? I can't remember. But go for whole-milk yogurt before soy milk- it doesn't matter that it's a solid rather than a drink.
    Very helpful -- thank you!

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    We have been giving DS breastmilk mixed with whole milk and he doesn't like it much. We tried yesterday with just a cup to give him almond milk (unsweetened vanilla - his Dr said there is no food restrictions now) and whole milk to see if he was ok with either. He seemed ok, but not terribly fond of the almond milk, but gagged and spit when we gave him the whole milk. He seems ok with the skim milk we drink ourselves so we are thinking 2% might be a happy medium. He isn't fond of many dairy products. We have tried to get him to eat cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt. He doesn't like any of it unless we put it in a meal, so it is disguised. What can we do to help make sure he gets the dairy he needs when he doesn't seem to like it much. For the next year he will most likely be getting enough from breast milk, even though I won't be pumping anymore (right/) with a morning and two evening feedings - not to mention the 4-6 times he wakes at night. After that, though, I am not sure what to feed him to get the dairy.
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    The only thing you can do is keep offering. Try different types of foods- if he doesn't like cheddar maybe he'll like mozzarella. If he doesn't like sliced cheese maybe he'll like grated. If he doesn't like regular yogurt he might like Greek yogurt or ricotta. Meanwhile, just give him fat and calcium-rich food he does like. Salmon. Tofu. Avocado. And keep nursing! When you're nursing 4-6 times just overnight, all the questions about dairy are academic.

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    My son never liked cows milk either. I gave him vanilla coconut milk and he LOVED it. I switched to the regular sweetened coconut milk after that and give him cows milk when I have to. Although he still loves coconut milk much better. I have also heard of people using soy, rice and almond milk.
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