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Thread: Left out the milk again

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    Angry Left out the milk again


    Brought my milk home from work last night. Baby was hungry and sleepy so I ran off to nurse him to bed. Yep, forgot about my pumped milk. Woke up this morning and found the milk in the hallway where I left it last night.

    I calculated it. The net total of all the milk I have wasted like this during our year of our BF journey is about 900 ounces. Thank god I still have a freezer stash of roughly the same amount, but it's still ridiculous. It is just that I want to attend to my baby's needs quickly, and l forget about everything else in the moment.

    Just venting.
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    ugh mama! I feel your pain. I always forget my milk in my briefcase and it make me want to cry...in fact I have cried several times.
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    How long was it since you pumped it and it sat?

    What I am saying is it might be salvageable. I often use milk that has been out for some hours. I use it first.
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    Taste it. BM that hasn't been frozen or scalded really can last amazingly long safely.
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