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Thread: Gentian Violet ?

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    Default Gentian Violet ?

    Hi all, I'm so glad to have come accross this forum, I'll definitely be around here quite often!

    My question is, where can you find gentian violet? Do you buy it at the pharmacy? Target? Is it expensive?

    My newborn (5 wks old tomorrow) and I have thrush bad. We've both been on Nystatin for 3 wks and I just can't get rid of it. I'm going to try acidophilus, GSE and maybe some gentian violet if I can find some this weekend. My right nipple is absolutely ravished, it's horrible and I dread nursing him on that side. I'm totally committed though so I need to find something to fix this and quick!

    TIA to anyone who can offer some help!
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    Default Re: Gentian Violet ?

    hi there. congratulations on your LO and welcome to the forum!

    sorry to hear that you and your LO are battling thrush. you are definitely not alone. dd and i are at the end of our 4-month battle with thrush...and it seems like the only thing that worked for us is gentian violet. i got mines from safeway...be sure you get the 1% solution (not the 2% solution). safeway only had the 2% solution, but they were able to order the 1% solution for me. i called one day and ordered it and picked it up the next day. i paid less than $3 for a 1oz bottle. i am only applying it to dd's tongue as i no longer have signs of thrush on my nipples/areola.

    you should also get a prescription from you OB for the all purpose nipple ointment (APNO). you need to find a pharmacy to make this ointment. i used this ointment...and took 2 rounds of diflucan.

    things you should/can also do to fight thrush:
    -wash your bras in hot water (you can add some vinegar to the wash)
    -boil/sterilize nipples...if you are using bottles
    -eat yogurt
    -watch your sugar intake

    Nystatin didn't work for dd...she was on 3 (maybe 4?!) rounds of it and the thrush didn't go away. our pedi then prescribed infant diflucan...that didn't work either. so he recommended gentian violet. i've applied it to her tongue 5 times and have noticed a big difference. here is more information about gentian violet.

    the protocol to using gentian violet is:
    "Use once a day for four to seven days. If pain is gone after four days, stop gentian violet. If better, but not gone after four days, continue for seven days. Stop after 7 days no matter what. If not better at all at four days, stop the gentian violet, continue with the ointment as below and call or email. Gentian violet comes as a 1% solution in water. It is also usually dissolved in 10% alcohol, as gentian violet is not soluble in pure water. This amount of alcohol is negligible, as the baby will only get a drop of gentian violet. Apparently some pharmacists will dissolve it in glycerine instead of alcohol, if you wish. 2% gentian violet should not be used."

    hope this helps! good luck! post back if you have more questions!
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    Default Re: Gentian Violet ?

    THanks for the response and the info! We don't have Safeway here (upstate NY)...I'll have to check around to see what's comparable here.

    I asked my LO's ped about the APNO and he said that he'd never heard of it. What can I do to get him to prescribe it? If I printed off the "ingredients" of it (or whatever) and took it to him, do you think that'd work? I've read so many good things about it, I really would like to try it. He also wouldn't prescribe me diflucan because he said it wasn't necessarily safe for the baby...I questioned him but he wouldn't budge. Grr.

    I got some acidophilus last night and have started taking it. I will try to find GSE today as well. I've got vinegar and yogurt and have already cut out sugar...I just hope it works.

    Again, thanks so much for responding and for the suggestions!

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    Default Re: Gentian Violet ?

    Hi Cari,
    You are a trouper for hanging in there with the thrush!

    You can call around to any pharmacies in the area to find the GV. It is not that common, but someone should carry it. It is non-prescription, but some pharmacists will be curious as to what you are using it for if they are not familiar with thrush. I remember going to pick it up at the pharmacy at a local KMart when I lived in Lancaster County, PA (big time farming and dairy farming!) A man in line behind me asked what I was buying it for, because he used it on his dairy cows when they had yeast infections!

    If you think the thrush is ductile, many moms do find that diflucan helps them immensely. You can call your OB/GYN for a prescription. It will get into the milk and into the baby. That is the way it should be. Usually what the baby gets in the milk is enough, but some doctors will even prescribe a dose for baby. Did the ped. say why he won't prescribe diflucan? What were his concerns? According to Dr. Thomas Hale, author of Medications and Mother's Milk, there is a risk of liver damage with long-term use. But he states that using it for a short-term is not enough to run that risk.

    Here is a wonderful article on yeast:


    And according to Dr. Jack Newman, the developer of APNO, if you can find a compounding pharmacy, you can just go there with the ingredients for the APNO and they might mix it for you. Any pharmacist should be able to make this for you, but not all want to. Not all carry the ingredients. If you can't find a regular pharmacist to do it, you can ask for the nearest compounding pharmacist. If you have a pharmacy you use regularly and know the pharmacist, this is even better. You don't need a script from you ped.


    Let us know how you are doing.
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