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Thread: yellow milk on the breast i don't feed

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    Lightbulb yellow milk on the breast i don't feed

    so i only feed my son on 1 side. the milk on that side is yellow. any reasons why. should i worry

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    Default Re: yellow milk on the breast i don't fe

    How come you only feed him on one side? Just curious :P But I think it's probably normal. Milk can often appear yellowish. How old is your son? Could you possibly be pregnant again and producing some collostrum again as well? Has it always been this way?

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    Depending on what you eat, your milk can take on different hues.

    "At other times, the milk may take on different tints of color.. This can be in relation to something mom has eaten or a medication she is taking. The color of the milk is not harmful to the baby. And keep in mind that if the milk was not expressed, noone would be any wiser as to its appearance as it left the breast straight into baby's mouth."
    source - http://www.motherandchildhealth.com/...reastmilk.html
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