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Thread: How to wean 2yr old twins, prego again

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    Default How to wean 2yr old twins, prego again

    I know I don't have to wean my toddlers because I am pregnant (my twin girl and boy are 25 month old, and 9 wk pregnant). But I feel I need this, because I am feeling always weak and tired and have morning (all day) sickness. I know these are usual pregnancy complaints in the first trimester, but I didn't have them in my previous pregnancy, which went very well. I feel that it would be good to restore some of the iron and other nutrient stores in my body, before the pregnancy progresses. Anybody who has experience with weaning toddler twins?

    They are nursed twice a day, first thing after potty in the morning and last thing before potty and lullaby in the evening. I nurse them at the same time (each in one lap) and it takes at least 15 mins (they nurse for pleasure rather than the milk). They are so eager for nursing times. They jump out of bed to nurse in the morning, hardly have the patience to go and finish potty.

    There were times that one was less interested than the other, but then they induce each other. Sometimes one leaves the breast to look at a book or a toy, but the other continues, and after five minutes, seeing that the sibling is still on breast, the first one who left the breast again wants to nurse. This can go on like that for hours, but I've recently put a time limit.

    It is said that the taste of the milk changes with pregnancy, but I didn't feel anything like that, they seem to enjoy it as in the past. Is there a chance that they may wean themselves (considering that they are twins), in the next few months? If yes, I'd rather not force weaning.

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    Default Re: How to wean 2yr old twins, prego aga

    Hi there! I don't have any experience weaning twins, but I weaned my older daughter when I was about 8 months pregnant and she was 25 months old. She was actually still nursing on demand when I initiated the weaning, your two are nursing quite a bit less than she was... and it was easier to wean her than I thought it would be.

    I thought she would wean on her own when the milk went away, but she didn't. It's hard to say what your twins will do. If you want to wait and see, milk does usually dry up in the second trimester.

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    Default Re: How to wean 2yr old twins, prego aga

    My milk all but dried up when I was pregnant, so my toddler lost interest pretty quickly. That, plus offering other comfort measures before the breast, did the trick pretty easily with him so that may happen for you you too (most, but not all, women lose their supply by the second trimester). Interestingly, I wasn't worried about being depleted nutrient-wise because I wasn't making any milk anyway! But it became really uncomfortable to nurse and I felt very sore and empty. Since your twins have set patterns in their nursing, I'd try to shake up their routines a little to break the habit. Instead of nursing after morning potty, why not take them out to the park? That sort of thing. Getting out of the house and doing something new can help distract a baby pretty painlessly. Good luck!

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    Default Re: How to wean 2yr old twins, prego aga

    I found that the milk was still there till 16-17 weeks and never completely dried up. If you can stand waiting another month, they may really lose interest then when it is gone. Mine did not do that tho, she nursed right thru the change to colostrum and stopped when I was a little over 6 mths pg. I would try distraction and see if they don't just forget as the milk gradually dries up. Good luck!
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    Default Re: How to wean 2yr old twins, prego aga

    I weaned my dd when she was 25 months ( cause we found out we were pregnant and i was super annoyed/irritated while nursing) she nursed a lot more then your twins and seemed very attached to the boobs but she did great! I would say mommy needs a break how bout we cuddle or later would you like to cuddle or a hug instead. She loved cuddling them and still enjoyed the skin to skin so it was a fairly easy transition. Often times if I said later she would just plain forget about it. I also did not offer at all and there was a certain spot on the couch that was our spot to nurse in that i avoided. If I sat in a different spot she didn't even ask. This is also when SO got a lot more involved with the bed time routine( I would nurse to sleep) and he started bathing her/reading to her and then rocking her to sleep. She didn't even seem to notice cause it was a whole new routine with him and she loves it.
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