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Thread: Surely I didn't screw up my supply?

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    Default Surely I didn't screw up my supply?

    DS will be 6 months Sunday (if that matters as far as supply/demand/hormones/etc.). He is EBF. Every time he's been with a sitter, I pump more (sometimes way more) than what he takes in the bottle. BUT today, my FIL watched him while I went to a quick job (I'm a court reporter). I left at 11:00 (fed him at 10:30) and came back at 2:00. He had gotten hungry and took a bottle, 4 oz. I didn't pump because I wasn't gone long enough to pump while gone (usually pump every 4 hours, more if I have the chance though) and then I was with him all day and didn't want to pump and him get hungry and me not have much at the moment (he doesn't take bottles well at all so giving him a bottle in the event he got hungry right after me pumping isn't really a good option).

    Anyway, it's not that big of a deal to have done that just once, right? I have a pretty big freezer stash, but I worry tomorrow I'll not have enough since he took more than I made today? Or does it take a few days for that supply/demand thing to kick in?

    Boy, I wish I understood wayyyy more of the actual scientific logistics of supply/demand and how long it takes your body, etc.!!!!!

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    Default Re: Surely I didn't screw up my supply?

    I don't think one time will make a big difference, but I wouldn't let it become a habit or before you know it that stash will be gone. (I learned that the hard way.)

    Keep it up!
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    Default Re: Surely I didn't screw up my supply?

    Just once shouldn't be a big deal.

    It's hard to get a grasp on how the logistics of supply and demand work because they're so individual. A lot depends on storage capacity. Mamas with big storage capacities can hold a lot of milk for a long time without having it impact supply all that much. Mamas with smaller storage capacities can't let milk sit unused in their breasts for very long without seeing supply go down. You can't tell just by looking what kind of mama you are: big breasts don't necessarily store more milk than small ones. And I think that storage capacity probably changes with time, which complicates the picture even more.

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