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Thread: Nursing Strike....HELP!!!

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    Default Nursing Strike....HELP!!!

    My daughter is 11 months old and has been nursing 5 times a day and just started refusing the night feeding last night. She had been sick and I had her checked yesterday for an ear infection which she does have. She was prescribed antibiotics and ever since starting refusing (started last night) to nurse only at the bedtime session. She nursed fine all day today and refused again tonight. I'm looking for some answered. Maybe she doesn't like the taste or it fills her up? She does eat 3 meals a day also.

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    It could just be that she'd not hungry for that last feeding of the day. Does she eat a lot of solids at dinner? Maybe she's just too full to nurse. If you'd like to add that feeding back in- and at just 11 months I know I would want to- maybe try cutting back on her solids a bit, and see what happens?

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    i think antibiotics can mess up the digestion a bit, might be she just doesn't feel good filling up like before since she's getting over being sick. I'd just keep offering and let her refuse if she wants but she'll probably pick it up again when she gets completely better.
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    I would also remind you to pump at that time if you can so that you don't lose supply.

    My DS had an ear infection recently, and the before bed nursing was the hardest. If you consider most of us feel worse at NIGHT since we've spent our entire day using our energy...

    I hope it gets better soon. Can you give some motrin or tylenol a bit before bed to try to make the pain less?
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