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    After attempting sincerely a pump to nurse transition(previous thread) for several days and realizing that my premie baby(6wks old now) was only
    getting 0.5 oz in almost 20 min, only nursing her for 20 min on each side twice a day, topping with bottle assuming she has had little. And then pumping about 7 times by the schedule given by my LC until baby gains lil weight and strength to transfer more.
    Baby is shifting betweenthe Adiri/Aveng bottle and latching fine sounds like it shud work right? Not really. I am sometimes behind and at those supplementing once I sometime 3-4 days at nights and I am really feeling like I am not bonding since I spend more time thinking about the machine time an ensuring she is getting enough.

    I am so frustrated by this vicious cycle and feel that by prolonging the full nurse and min bottle I would eventually return to work and not ever able to bond with the baby. I was able to nurse for my first child for 6 months, so feeling very guilty even though I am being told by my supportive DH and my LC that I am doing more than everything. Am afraid I would give up eventually.

    Any suggestions how to break out of this cycle? nursing on demand is not sthg Dr or LC are recommending but I know that is the best way to get out.

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    Why is it they don't recommend it?

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    1. As she is transferring little in such a long time. She will never get enough.
    And want her to gain some weight. She is not even on the charts yet

    2. They feel she needs to be helped and gain strength to nurse from me directly.

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    You have some good things going for you, you say baby is still latching which is great. Can the ped or LC give you any more insight on why baby is not transferring enough? Has she been checked for tongue tie?

    I was in the nurse, feed, pump cycle until close to 10 weeks but slowly my DD got strong enough (we had to fix tongue tie and she also had a lot of muscle weakness around the mouth ). But now we are close to 6 months and nursing strong. It won't last forever!

    Does she take a bottle ok? Take a long time to eat or have difficulty with that?

    Mom to Aimee, born 8/22/11
    for 20 months!

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    Thank you, so encouraging when someone says things are actually going good! So sounds like I may still have a chance that she would nurse since you were successful at 10 wks. Not tongue tied, we confirmed it. She takes bottle just fine and just in the last day or so after being persistent she seems to be doing much better on how much she is taking in ( going by how much she is taking afterwards). Anyone used weighing machine in the first few days of transition for every feed? I am seriously considering weighing before and after every feed and see how much she is taking in, just to be comfortable. Anyone else tried that?

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    Yes, I did that! Weigh-feed-weigh records for weeks and weeks until I was comfortable with the knowledge that my kid was getting enough by nursing alone. It's a really excellent tool for a mom who is struggling with transitioning from bottles to breast. Just make sure you get a professional scale. Bathroom scales won't cut it. You need something that is accurate to the tenth of an oz.

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