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Thread: going back to work, take 2..

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    Default going back to work, take 2..

    So come the beginning of March, I am going to try going back to work. I'm a self employed massage therapist working at a clinic 5 min away from my house and will be giving one massage a day same time in the afternoon-- will be gone for 2 hoursish.

    I tried going back to work when DD was 3 months old and it went horribly. Not only because DD did not deal well with being separated from me but there were other additional stressors in life at the time, adding to the craziness. We thankfully felt we were in a place that I could take some more time off, and now that things have gained some equilibrium in life, I'm willing to give this whole working thing another try. I had purchased a manual pump and pumped one 2ish oz bottle in the morning for that afternoon that I'd be gone, more for peace of mind, since she nursed pretty frequently--every hour to an hour and a half. However, she never took to it, and preferred to cry instead--we didn't try cups or anything. I haven't pumped since.

    At 7.5 months, she still nurses rather frequently, but will stretch her feedings out to 2 hours occasionally during the day. We're doing BLS, and she really isn't into solids really at all. Should I still try to pump a little for in a sippy cup this time around, or what? I honestly think there should be no issue with her going 2 hours without access to BM, since we can have solids on hand for her to play with--is that ok? At the same time, I kind of wouldn't mind having some BM on hand, in case it can offer comfort--you know, something familiar to her, especially if I get caught up at work, despite that being unlikely.

    Can you tell I'm nervous about going back to work? (which I feel silly about, since it's only 2 hours a day)

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    Default Re: going back to work, take 2..

    Honestly, I probably wouldn't bother. You could put a little in a sippy cup and see how it goes. Or you could just do water and solids.

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    Default Re: going back to work, take 2..

    i wouldn't worry about it. i would just feed her before you leave and right when you come home. fun solids to play with and she should be good. the first day back is so hard, we've all been there!
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    I wouldn't bother for 2 hours either. I would give water in a sippy (more for fun, my girls have only recently learned to drink from one and they are 9.5 months)
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