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Thread: Is it too late for me to breastfeed?

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    Default Is it too late for me to breastfeed?

    My daughter came early 1/28/2012 at 37 weeks & 1 day. Immediately I tried to breastfeed, every nurse I had tried to help me but emotionally I had a hard time holding my daughter correctly. They focused more on the technical aspects than on us bonding. During labor I got a fever so she was taken to the NICU & treated with antibiotics as a preventive measure. Fortunately she didn't have an infection. But her coming early, being small 5 lbs 15 oz and she had an IV in her hand, scared me and I couldn't get comfortable holding her. I felt like I was hurting her & then I was worried she wasn't eating enough. I panicked, pumped incorrectly & got a red sore on the breast she appeared to prefer. Looking back I was trying too hard & didn't completely understand that we would need more time especially because she came early. She has been bottle fed since she was 3 days old. Today I noticed a little leaking on the breast she preferred & tenderness. Is it too late to breastfeed?

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    Welcome to the forum! You can definitely still breastfeed your baby. Milk supply can be increased at any time. All you need to do is stimulate the breast frequently using either a suckling baby or a good pump, and your body will respond and produce milk. More demand = more supply, so the more often you nurse or pump, the faster you will see increased supply. Here's what I suggest doing in order to bring your supply back:
    1. Put baby to the breast ASAP and see if she will nurse. If she does, awesome! Nurse her as much as you can, pump after feedings, top her up with gradually decreasing amounts of formula (see this link: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/decrease-formula.html).
    2. If baby will not nurse, see a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC. You'll need help with techniques that may bring your baby back to the breast and you will also need a pump with correctly sized shields. Also, check out this link on getting a baby back to the breast: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html
    3. Get yourself an excellent pump. A hospital-grade rental would be ideal. The LC should be able to help you obtain one.
    4. Pump frequently. Every 2 hours during the day and every 3 at night, or even more often, would be ideal. If baby will nurse, pump right after she nurses.
    5. Consider using herbs that can stimulate mik supply. Fenugreek, blessed thistle, and ordinary oatmeal are all good for supply.

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    I agree with PP. And would like to add that you can "start over" and get that bonding you feel you missed. It will help with your milk production and it can bring the baby back to your breast. Spend the day with no top on and baby in only a diaper. Old her to your bare chest, let her nap there. You can take a bath together as well. But let her see your breasts as a positive and comforting place. Don't worry about anything else, just spend the whole day reconnecting with your baby and letting her find your breast.
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