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Thread: Why so sleepy??

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    Question Why so sleepy??

    Baby just had a three month growth spurt and has been really sleepy the last few days. He is even sleeping longer (5 hours average) before he nurses again.

    Is that normal after a growth spurt?

    I am not really worried, but now that I have gone back to work part time in the mornings I am (probably unnecessarily) anxious about my milk supply.

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    I think a lot of moms find that their babies go through a sleepy spell after a big growth spurt. As long as you are nursing on demand at home, your LO isn't sick, and he continues to produce adequate diapers, there's nothing to worry about.

    How's pumping at work going?

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    Enjoy the sleep while you can!!

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    Default Re: Why so sleepy??

    Also, it's ok to wake LO up if you want relief from engorgement
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