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Thread: Sleeping through the night..

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    Default Sleeping through the night..

    My sweet baby boy has begun to sleep through the night...well, from about 7:30pm to about 5am. He has generally been a pretty good sleeper, so I don't have anything to complain about. However, now that there is not a quick snack session around 2am or 3am like we had, I am waking up completely soaked through my nursing pads, bra, shirt, sheets and mattress cover. I am not exactly sure what constitutes an over-supply, but I think I might have that.

    Just wondering what I should do about this? Pump in the middle of the night? Or will this resolve on its own? I don't want to hinder my supply, but would also love to sleep as well as he is!

    I work outside the home 3 days a week and I pump at work those 3 days. I pump for about 10 minutes and get 10 oz total, 5 from each side - I do this 2 times per day. I probably have anywhere from 15-30 (5oz) bags of milk in the freezer, so I won't run out anytime soon, I am just terrified of losing my supply.

    This is my 3rd baby, but 1st that is exclusively breast fed. Quit at 3 weeks with my first and 6 weeks with my second - and I only pumped and bottle fed them.

    I would love suggestions - I absolutely love this forum and all of the amazing support it provides.

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    Default Re: Sleeping through the night..

    This sounds pretty typical for cutting back a nursing session. Your body is learning how much milk is needed, and will continue to make enough for the last level it understood until it gets the message that less is needed. It will stop happening. In the meantime, you can use more breast pads, or a washcloth or cloth diaper or something else similar tucked inside a sports bra while you sleep. It is bulky, but helps absorb the overflow. Pumping in the middle of the night will keep you from having the leaking problem, but it will keep your body from understanding that less milk is needed. It sounds like you have a good routine for pumping at work to make up for lost nursing sessions, and you don't really need to keep your supply higher than that. I would say, go ahead and sleep with your little guy and forget about pumping in the night. Just add some extra padding to your bra before bed, and get some rest! Soon, you'll stop leaking like that.

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    You have excellent supply! 10 ounces in 10 minutes? That is a crazy awesome amount to pump in that short of time. Be prepared that it may slow down as time goes on - in that it can take longer to pump the same amount because our bodies seem to get used to the pump.

    And I would not get up to pump. Who knows when your baby will start waking up again. You should enjoy the sleep while you can.

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