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    I occasionally have nipple pain in my left nipple. It also seems hard to localize, sometimes it seems like it is just outside or around the areola. It isn’t horrible, but it is irritating and I don’t know what to do about it. My nipple isn’t blanching that I can tell, I don’t pump or do anything to my breasts outside of just breastfeeding, plus I wear soft nursing bras with no wires, and most of them are cotton. When this happens, I try to express milk onto my nipple and let it dry in case it’s yeast or something, but since I can’t tell where the pain is coming from, I don’t know what to do about it. It is kind of like a burning sensation. I think it goes away after a few days, but like I said, it is quite irritating. Any suggestions? Forgot to add my baby is 9 months old.

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    Ive heard if its yeast its best not to put milk on the nipple b/c the sugar in the milk will feed the yeast. I may be wrong on that though. Could you try lotramin and see if that does anything? Is there any redness or cracking anywhere?

    Sometimes those little glands in the areola tissue..I forget what they are called but they look like small bumps, get inflamed/blocked like pimples, and are a bit painful, could it be something like that? Also I thought could it be your baby is teething and adjusting latch on that side, causing irritation/soreness? Hopefully some others will come around with more ideas.
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    I agree with pp. I am currently having a similar issue with my right nipple. I have chalked it up as teeth. I can see one of my lo's top teeth fixing to break and I think my sore nip is from that. If you do try lotramine....don't forget to wash it off before nursing. You may have already known that but I thought I would add it I used lotramine when my lo was 3months or so.

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