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Thread: Nursing 9 month old & 6 weeks pregnant.

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    Exclamation Nursing 9 month old & 6 weeks pregnant.

    My supply has dropped and my active 9 month old is sucking down everything I pump at work and is still hungry!! I used to pump 10oz every 4-5 hours while at work(12-13 hour shifts, 3x a week) but now I'm bringing home about 15 oz total. He will suck down a 8-9oz bottle every 4 hours on top of eating solids. I can't keep up. My freezer stash is gone and my nipples are so sore (ever since I found out I'm pregnant). I dread pumping and nursing. I have to go to another state for 2 days for job interviews and have no milk saved up! I started putting 2-3 oz of formula in his bottles yesterday because I just don't know what else to do. I'm still pumping everytime he has a bottle to keep my measly supply up. I don't want to supplement buy I don't see another option. I need encouragement because I'm temped to wean him altogether but I have dreams of tandem nursing and baby-led weaning. We went through so much to get here!! And my pump is a double electric medela so it's not the problem...and Eli is teething right now plus probably in a growth spurt....
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    Mama, don't be too hard on yourself. When supply tanks due to pregnancy, there's little or nothing you can do about it. It's all about the way your body responds to the hormones of pregnancy, and something like 80% of pregnant nursing women see their supplies diminish or disappear. This is what formula is for- to fill the gaps when a mama is truly unable to produce enough. If you can stand to continue to nurse, I think you have an excellent shot at realizing your tandem nursing dreams. Remember that your baby doesn't need to be getting a 100% breastmilk diet in order to receive the benefits of breastfeeding!

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    this happens when you get pregnant. You can't do anything about it. If you have to supplement, supplement. Nurse as much as you can stand.

    I've always dried up before 20 weeks, and all of my sons weaned at some point during the pregnancy. But one nursed after the baby was born. So you never know how it will turn out.
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    Good luck
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