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Thread: Anxiety - Any options??

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    Default Anxiety - Any options??

    I am not sure what to do, if there is anything. I am stressing to the max and taking deep breaths and relaxing just isn't cutting it. My 3 month old baby boy (3rd and final and first exclusively breast fed) is having surgery tomorrow morning. The procedure is not routine, but it does carry low risk. Nonetheless, he will be going under anesthesia...and that, is scary. Weird part - my first born (only daughter) had the same exact surgery and she was younger and I don't remember feeling this nervous, anxious, etc.

    Thank G-D for breastfeeding, I can feed him up until 3am (if formula fed, it would be nothing after midnight). He's a very healthy 17 pounder, so I know he will do okay.

    I am pretty sure of the answer, but does anyone know if Xanax is safe during breastfeeding? I am not sure who to call to ask, the pediatrician or my OB?

    Thank you in advance for your advice and for noticing without judging.

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    Default Re: Anxiety - Any options??

    The best thing would be to call Infantrisk. Of course that would have to be during the day.
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    Default Re: Anxiety - Any options??

    I was told no to Xanax. I am on Paxil for PPA.

    Most of my suggestions would be for long-term anxiety, not situational, but these are things I've learned in therapy that might help:

    A couple of things that help me when it gets bad like that:
    1) Rewrite the ending. So if you are worried about him having a reaction to the anesthesia (a big concern for me as my son was a preemie and has had a bunch of surgeries and doesn't handle it well) picture the outcome happily. See him waking up, nursing, smiling, going home healthy, growing up, getting married etc etc.

    2) Think of the last time you felt REALLY good. Really safe and happy. How did you feel? How did your arms feel, your heart feel, how were you breathing. Then close your eyes and feel it again. Concentrate on those feelings.. breathing deeply, expanding your belly as you inhale. PIcture warmth and love coming into your body when you inhale, and darkness going when you exhale.
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    I can understand why you're anxious! Anesthesia is scary.

    I sent a PDF of the entry on Xanax from Medications and Mothers' Milk to the email address in your profile, even though I realize it's probably too late to be of use now. And hopefully you won't have as great a need for it again! But in case you do.

    Please let us know how your little guy is doing, if you get a chance.

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    Default Re: Anxiety - Any options??

    This sounds lovely. Good advice
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