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Thread: 4.5 MO with occasional bottle issues

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    Hi, I am the father of a 4.5 mom DS. I am currently at home with him while taking my paternity leave. When my DW first went back to work, our DS protested for quite awhile against the bottle. After a week or so, he finally began taking EBM from a bottle, although it took feeding next to a vacuum cleaner to get him to calm down enough to accept it. Now a days, he is mostly ok with a bottle, with about one feeding a day to every other day he is really fussy so that I need a white noise app on my phone to get him to relax enough during a feeding, and about once a week he will completely boycott the bottle for a feeding or even two. He doesn't have any issues feeding off the breast. I feel like it he really just misses mom, and wants the comfort of suckling instead of dad and a bottle (can't blame him). Does anyone else have any experiences or ideas to make the bottle feedings easier, and less stressful for us both? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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    Sometimes it can help to make the situation seem unrelated to the one where he would expect Mom to be cuddling him. So, you might try cup feeding, or spoon feeding, or holding him in a position that feels entirely different from the positions he nurses in. Or taking him outside.

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    with Teal. Alternately, you could try making bottle-feeding more like nursing. Open your shirt and cuddle baby close to your bare chest. If he's craving skin-to-skin contact, even a hairy daddy may suffice.

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    Paced bottle feeding gives baby more control over the milk flow, as baby has when nursing, and this may help the reluctant bottle feeder. http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

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