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Thread: How gradual should it be?

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    Default How gradual should it be?

    Hey ladies! My DD is only 2 months, so if all goes according to plan, we've got 10 months to go. But I'm curious- how gradual should the weaning process be? How many weeks should it take to go smoothly? I know all babies are different, but what would be good generalized guidelines?

    For example, I have read to start by removing one feeding per day for a week or so, then the next week, remove two per day, and so on, leaving just one session per day, usually before bedtime, until you stop doing even that. So if you feed 8x a day to start, will should weaning gradually take two months? Or can you safely go faster than that, such as removing a feeding every 4 days?


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    Default Re: How gradual should it be?

    First, don't worry about it so early on! Remember that your DD will probably be eating solids by then and maybe not BFing so much, so there won't be as many feedings to cut out.
    I know it's hard to believe at 2 months (I would not have believed it f someone told ME this a year ago), but for a lot of people, when they get to 1 year, they just don't want to stop even though that was their goal. I came on this site when my DD was 10 months old to look into weaning info, and look how that turned out. It just gets so much easier, and really much less demanding, at least for me.
    That said, I think the process you outlined sounds about right. It very well could take that long, because if you cut feedings too quickly you will be really uncomfy and risk plugged ducts/infection, and your DD will probably be really upset too! I think the slower the better.
    P.S. When I weaned my DS, I removed one feeding every 1-2 weeks. It took about 2 months (he was only 6 mos. old). I didn't get an infection, but he was NOT ready. I basically forced it and wish I hadn't.
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    Default Re: How gradual should it be?

    There's a wonderful book called "How Weaning Happens" that you can get through LLL or on Amazon that does a beautiful job outlining weaning at all stages but also supports natural weaning. The author really does a great job explaining your options while keeping the child's interest at heart so that it is as easy as possible on the nursing couple.
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    Default Re: How gradual should it be?

    I agree with the pp....give yourself at least 1-2 weeks to drop each feeding. That said, I started "weaning" at 8-9 months--I dropped a feeding. However, sometimes it was another month or more before I dropped another feeding. Other times, we waited a week between dropped feedings. The point is that I dropped feedings when I felt my ds was ready. He wouldn't show a lot of interest in a feeding for a while, so the next day, I'd drop it and see what he did.

    I hope that helps. Enjoy these times!


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