My daughter is almost 8 months and I have 275+ oz. of frozen milk. The oldest date is end of October. She gets about 25 oz. a week from babysitter and I nurse the remaining time. She is also on solids 3 times a day and loving them. (We recently started offering bottles/nursing before solids at lunch and dinner b/c she was only taking 3-6 oz from sitter a day she liked her solids so much)

My question is this: how should i handle the supply? I pump at work and get about 20 ounces a week and then pump in the evening if she decides she doesnt want to eat before bed. I would say I pretty much offset her milk intake by pumping outtake. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I am concerned that my frozen milk supply is going to go to waste as she gets older and wants less ( I plan to ween at 1 yr and just use frozen supply until it runs out - maybe nurse at night)

I hate pumping at work but since I don't work everyday I am concerned that if I drop, lets say the noon pumping session, that the supply wont be there when i need it when im home. Example: I work tues, thurs, friday and pump at noon and 3pm. I nurse all her feeding times mon, wed, sat, sun.

should i continue pumping these times even though my frozen supply seems to have outpaced her intake or can I drop a pumping session and allow her to start moving through my supply? will i still have milk to nurse on the n on-working days.. does your body figure that out?

*If I NEVER pumped again (which i don't plan on doing) she would be able to get bottles off of our frozen supply for almost 12 weeks! (nursing the rest of the time)

suggestions? I dont want to waste anything!