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Thread: Gone for 3 days, still want to pump...

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    Default Gone for 3 days, still want to pump...

    Hi all,

    In March, next month, I will be gone for 3 days for an intensive doula course in London (I live in England).
    I will take the train everyday, so that I can still breastfeed my baby at night.
    She will be 1 year old next month.
    I will be gone from about 7am until 8pm.
    During the day, she feeds when she wakes up around 7-8am, after her morning nap at around 11am, after her afternoon nap at around 3pm and then before going to sleep at around 7pm.
    During the night she feeds at around 10pm, 2am and 5am.
    I would like to pump to build a little stock. My problem is that I don't have as much as milk as before, so I just don't know when and how to pump. Should I pump one side and breastfeed her at the other side (she likes taking both side but I don't think she will fuss if she's going to have just one here and there) ?
    Or should I pump the rest of what she didn't drink (but this will take a long long time to build up a supply).
    Then during the course, I can pump during the breaks. I think I will pump at around 11am, then 3pm, then in the evening.
    Any advices ?
    It's the first time I leave her for so many hours. So, I'm a bit worried even if I know she is not so young now and that she can handle some time between feeds, especially if she is busy.
    Thanks !
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    Default Re: Gone for 3 days, still want to pump.

    I would probably pump after each feed. Remember that you really only need enough for the first day; after that what you pump one day should be enough for the next day.
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