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    My wifes other breast is leaking quite a lot everytime the baby drinks. She uses a cloth to catch the milk from the other breast. the leaking started in the beggining and now the baby is almost 3.5 months old, Is this normal?

    The baby has only drank brestmilk from my wife since the first day He has grown Allot He doubled his birthweight before 3 months. now hes 97% for weight and hight. Witch is big for my wifes smaller race(Guatemalan) and im Irish

    I am wondering if an only breastfed baby grow at the same rate as a formula baby for weight and height? or will the Formula baby be more fat?
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    Yes, totally normal.

    Hard to say about a formula baby.

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    The leaking is totally normal. It may eventually subside, though.

    In general, breastfed babies gain more quickly than formula-fed babies during the first half of the first year, and more slowly than formula-fed babies during the second half of the first year. Both types of babies end up weighing about the same by their first birthdays, statistically speaking. However, any individual baby may deviate from the pattern described above.

    Ultimately, breastfed babies tend to grow into leaner adults than formula-fed babies. So if you're concerned that your baby's rapid weight gain means he's going to grow up to be a fat adult, you can let that worry go.

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