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Thread: biting - almost 7 month old

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    Default biting - almost 7 month old

    My son is almot 7 month old. He has cut his 2 bottom teeth and the top 2 are almost ready to pop. He bit me tonight and drew blood. I try not to react and then I close up shop. Any advice would be great.

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    Default Re: biting - almost 7 month old

    Ugh, my son is a biter. It sounds like you did the right thing. A firm no and ending the session. Which usually leads to crying and the need to nurse again. Hopefully he gets that biting will end the session. Although, that's usually when my son does it. At the end. Because he thinks it's funny.
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    Default Re: biting - almost 7 month old

    My first daughter bit me a couple times around that age. I did just what you did. Say no and end the session. It only took about 3 times and she never bit again. Hopefully your lo will cooperate.

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    Default Re: biting - almost 7 month old

    Personally, I wouldn't say "no" as this might be funny for them and then look for that reaction again, I actually wouldn't say anything (I know, hard not to say anything when you have been bitten:P) I just pull their head towards my breast, which makes an unpleasant feeling and they open their mouth. I don't say anything, the unpleasant experience make them stop after a few tries.

    Good Luck!

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    Default Re: biting - almost 7 month old

    I ended the session each time, and it would temporarily stop it, but usually the issue resurfaced every time she was cutting a new tooth. So don't be discouraged if it comes back, just stay consistent and stick to your guns. And put some lanolin on that cut (biting was how I got mastitis the first time) so take care of you, too!

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