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Thread: Oversupply/oald causing bad latch?

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    Default Oversupply/oald causing bad latch?

    I have a 2 week old DD and I have oversupply and major OALD. I have been working with an IBCLC to reduce supply and it seems to be getting a little better, but the letdown is crazy. It's like a fire hydrant, seriously. My DD is choking, sputtering, and pulling off the breast a lot. Also, there is a distinct loud clicking noise when she nurses. Only near the very end of feeding does the clicking stop. I have tried laid-back nursing positions and she still can't handle it. I try to unlatch her when I let down, but she doesn't want to let go a lot and gets really upset and then it's hard to get her latched on again. Also, she's been spitting up a lot. Her poops are fine, and she's gaining well.
    So...the pulling off the breast really hurts and I feel like initially, she has a pretty good latch, but throughout the feeding, it gets really sloppy and the nipple is slipping in and out of her mouth. Sorry this is so long, I am just really frustrated. Any suggestions on what else to try? And any tips to get her to open wider for latching? She tends to just kind of smack her lips a lot and I can't get her to open really wide most of the time. Thanks.. Oh, edit. Forgot to mention my left nipple has been turning purple after nursing. What is going on?


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    Default Re: Oversupply/oald causing bad latch?

    Her latch is her way of controlling your fast flow. I would stretch the block feeding out. When I had my daughter my over supply was so extreme I actually only fed her from one breast the entire day. Now that is extreme, but perhaps 2 full feedings on the same breast will help. Do you put your pinky finger in her mouth to break the seal when you unlatch her to catch the spray? I must do that with my who clamps down hard when I try to unlatch him before he is done.

    I know it's frustrating. Over supply can take some time to work itself out.
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    Default Re: Oversupply/oald causing bad latch?

    The purple is probably a vasospasm due to compression: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...blanching.html. The link talks a lot about blanching of the nipple, but if you go through the information on Raynaud's you'll see a reference to the nipple turning blue/purple.

    I would definitely keep on working the block feeding! It can take weeks for block feeding to make a dent in serious oversupply. One thing that helped my baby deal with the fast letdown was that she eventually learned to pull off the breast, at which point milk would squirt everywhere! I had to keep towels handy everywhere I nursed. It may help to pull your LO off the breast and let the letdown spray, and then put her back on when it subsides.

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