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Thread: Trying to breastfeed with everyone!

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    Default Trying to breastfeed with everyone!

    My daughter is 13 months - she still nurses ALOT and frequently. She just started trying to breastfeed on other people too (my sister, oldest daughter). It's embarassing, when she notices other peoples boobs she says "mmmmmmmm" and tries to grab them!! I had planned on weaning around this time but it's like she's addicted and wanting it from anywhere!

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    Default Re: Trying to breastfeed with everyone!

    Toddlers are funny!

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    Default Re: Trying to breastfeed with everyone!

    Reminds me of this picture!!

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    Haha cute. And annoying for sure hahahaha. Just try to explain to her that only mommy has milk for her and that other women don't. It's surprising how much they understand. And don't feel pressured to wean. There are sooooooooooo many HUGE benefits to extended breastfeeding. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Trying to breastfeed with everyone!

    When my youngest was born a friend took my still nursing 2.5 year old for the night, I chose her because I knew she co-slept with her little boy and would let my scared little guy in bed too. I warned her to look out for him pulling up her shirt and going for it in the middle of the night, I was sure he would but she said he did not. Also once he rolled over the wrong way in his sleep and tried to latch onto my husband lol.

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