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    My DS turned 1 on Feb. 8th We made it to a year BF. As many of you know it was extremely challenging in the beginning. Without the support, encouragement, and advise from the wonderful mommas on here and my DH & adult DD I don't think we would be where we are now. THANK YOU I'm hoping my DS will fallow in his siblings footsteps and BF way into toddler-hood

    And I just have to say HA HA HA to the 10+ docs and LC who said we couldn't do it, we sure showed them!

    We had DS 1 year check-up Friday: 22.5lbs 31inch went from the 2nd% to the 75th% over the past year. Hes walking, *talking*, and developing perfectly And our doc didn't even suggest cow milk! He did say "its funny that at one time there was a concern about his growth, and look at him now! He doing great"

    I just had to share are wonderful journey so far...

    jenn & raiden
    Im Jenn
    Mamma To:
    Kelsey BF 3 months
    Kenneth BF 3 months
    Blaze BF 3.5 years (tandem)
    Bristol BF 3.5 years (tandem)
    Raiden BF 15months & counting


    In need of some


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    That is awesome!
    I am Erin--happily married to the nerd of my dreams for 15 years
    High School Science Teacher
    Mother to: Thing 1 9/23/01, bf 15 mo, diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma 1/29/02, officially cancer free for ten years in August 2012
    Thing 2 6/6/05, bf 12 mo, obsessed with dynamite
    Glowworm 2/18/11, bf 15 months and counting

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    Well done, mama! You got some help, but it's YOU who did all the hard work.

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    Great Job!
    SAHM to all my boys

    Wyatt 2/23/99
    Isaiah 7/11/00
    Hunter 2/9/10- made it through our dairy allergy!
    and loving from afar, my DSS Kaleb 3/30/97

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    you and LO. way to stick with it!
    Mommy to Maxwell 10-9-07 weaned with love (a party and a remote control monster truck) on his 4th birthday
    My Boy 3-16-10
    And my sweet pea Sam 2-12-11

    Watch Your Language

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    Congratulations mama!
    I am Lea (middle name)
    Mama to Dominic born on 3/23/09
    Wife to G 4/27/07
    We're blessed to have been for 3 years and counting! Proud to with our squirmy worm

    "My home is not a place, it is people."
    -Lois McMaster Bujold

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