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Thread: Leaving my DS for 48 hours

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    Default Leaving my DS for 48 hours

    My DS is 6 and half months.

    I am in the Army, and I have to be away from my LO for 48 hours. I only have 62 oz or so in my stash.

    He is doing well on fruits, veggies, and rice cereal. He usually eats two "meals" a day in daycare, and maybe one a day on the weekends.

    My two issues are:

    What if he runs out of BM? What is the best alternative for BM (he has never had formula)?

    I prefer no to use my entire stash, although it seems like I might have to anyway. What can I do to "strech" the milk?

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    Default Re: Leaving my DS for 48 hours

    Offer smaller bottles at a time. Start with 3-4ozs, then solids - see if that can stretch him longer.
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    Default Re: Leaving my DS for 48 hours

    with the PP.

    Best alternative to breastmilk, unfortunately, is formula. If baby will drink it, that is. Any chance of pumping like a madwoman and getting a few extra oz into your stash?

    If you can't supply breastmilk and baby won't go for formula, how about offering lots of whole-milk yogurt as one of his solids?

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    Default Re: Leaving my DS for 48 hours

    The biggest reason moms run out of breastmilk when away is because baby is given to much per feeding or leftover milk is discarded unnecessarily. This can be avoided at least somewhat by educating your caregiver on how to bottle feed the breastfed baby and on the safe handling of human milk. Find info on both here: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...fyour_milk.pdf

    Will you be able to pump and store your milk during these two days? Sometimes this takes getting a bit creative. But not only may that be important for your comfort and health (you do not want to get engorged) it would also allow you to at least somewhat replenish your stash.

    BTW do you have this book? http://www.amazon.com/Breastfeeding-.../dp/0984503943

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    Default Re: Leaving my DS for 48 hours

    i wouldnt worry at all. at 6-7 months baby eats on average 20-24 oz of milk on top of solids. For two days thats only 48 oz. You should have NO problem.

    - ps.. i have left my 7 month old for 4 days so don't worry it will all be okay

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