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Thread: Breastmilk and baby acne

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    I have a quick question, my baby has just recently developed baby acne. She is 6 weeks old EFB and happy and healthy in all other ways. Is there something I could be eating that is causing this? I heard it helps if you aplly expressed breast milk regularly to clear it up. Does anyone know if this helps? Any thoughts ideas or experiences with this would be great!

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    My understanding is that baby acne is not caused by anything the baby is consuming, but rather is caused by hormones received from mom at the very end of pregnancy. Or so it is thought. I don't think anyone actually knows for certain what causes it.

    Breastmilk applied to your LO's face can't hurt. I don't know if it's likely to help, either, though! But hey, gives you something to try. I know I often feel better about a situation with my kids if I feel like I'm doing something, even if I'm not sure it's the correct thing.

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