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Thread: can my 3month old boy start learning

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    i am a mother of a 3 month old boy. i feel very depressed for not breast feeding him.we both some how got into a habbit of using the formula. i still pump my breast milk once or twice a day but seriously wanna give him my milk atleast during the nights.we have difficulties in latching. he open his mouth when i give him a bottle or a pacifier but doesnt do the samewhen ioffer my breast. Need serious inputs on if i can teach my 3 month old on how to latch ? and at this time can i get my milk supply to meet his requirement?can i continue to go to work and give him my breasts in the night ?please help me.

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    Welcome! What you want is possible. However, there are no guarantees that you will get what you want and it may not be easy. Some babies go back to the breast, some don't, and it's hard to predict what's going to happen. It is certainly possible for you to increase your milk supply. Supply = demand and the more milk you remove from the breast, and the more frequently you remove it, the more milk you will make.

    Here are some links to start you going:

    My lactation consultant suggested doing the following when bottle-feeding, in order to help baby associate the breast with being fed:
    - When it's time to feed baby, open your shirt and cuddle baby close to your bare chest.
    - Tickle baby's lips with the bottle nipple until he opens wide. Don't let him get used to having a bottle slipped into a half-open mouth.
    - Pause the feeding after every oz or so, in order to get baby used to the natural slowdowns in milk flow that come with nursing at the breast.

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