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Thread: 4 day old newborn (lots of questions)

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    Thanks guys! Great idea on the tissue paper too. He has peed more through the night so I am feeling better about it.

    I am thinking one of the reasons he doesnt want to nurse is that his nose is stuffed up. I have used the syringe but it is not working at all. He is sneezing like crazy trying to clear it out himself but I just dont think he can breathe while he nurses. B/c several times he has latched on, sucked a few times, then come off. He is not real fussy just comes off. My whole household has a stuffy nose so I dont know if it is this or what. Any ideas on getting that cleared?

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    Since you are already pumping do you have some breastmilk around? If you put a couple of drops in his nose right before he eats it should clear him right up. Not long term. But breastmillk in the nose is a great Quick fix to clear baby up long enough to feed. HTH!

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    Some saline or breastmilk up his nose. Take him into the bathroom with the shower steaming. I use qtips to get what I can out. Keep his head elevated as much as possible. You can put a wedge under the crib mattress to elevate it. And keep the humidifier running all the time.
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