Thanks, I'll def round right before! My pumping room is sadly across the whole hospital for me, so I just don't have enough time to walk all the way there to pump! I wish I could! The Hygeia I got works real fast for me... Just got. 5 oz total in probably 8-10 min. So that is good, but that is with my baby, so I will make sure to bring some of his clothes or pictures or something... Maybe a movie of him!

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I work 7a-7p three days a week. My hospital has a lactation room with a hospital grade pump. Find out if your has one too. this way all you will need are the attachments! I pump 4 times.... 8-11-2-5. Nurse before going to work and as soon as I get home. I live 8 miles away from work, not worth pumping in the car. talk to your co-workers beforehand about your decision to BF and your need of pumping, My co-workers are awesome and very supportive, as I help them out as well and go the extra mile as a thank you for those few minutes (20 min) that it takes me to pump. I don't do pt care anymore, but when I did. I would tell my pt that I would be away for a few minutes and try to ask them if they needed anything prior to leaving the floor (pain med, bathroom, etc...) this way my co-workers where needed less as I had anticipated my pt's needs beforehand.