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Thread: Very infrequent stools

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    Default Very infrequent stools

    I have a 4.5 week old and she will go 3-4 days without having a stool. I breastfeed 10-12 times per day and she has gained 1 pound in 2 weeks, so I know she is getting enough. She also has a ton of wet diapers. She's very gassy and often grunts and looks like she is in pain, but she never has a poopy diaper. I talked with my ped and she suggested a teaspoon of a stool softener in a bottle with breast milk, but that makes me nervous. Any suggestions?

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    Check out this link... it's from a website on EC'ing, but the suggestions are relevant for any BF baby needing help with regularity.

    There are suggestions for what you can eat to help regulate her stools.

    I found that a probiotic and kefir (for me) worked for LO... have also haphazardly added fish oil to my diet too.
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    It's totally normal for some babies. I had one who would only go every 10-14 days, but he grew like a bad weed too. Breastmilk is very digestible that some babies have very little residue left over

    That said, sometimes there are problems, and the recommendation is that a baby under 6 weeks have more stools than that. However, if all seems well, it might be that baby's normal.

    And breastfed babies never get constipated. So a stool softener won't really help.
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    Sounds normal to me. Breastmilk digests so completely that there is little waste left over. Therefore, breastfed babies often go a week in between stools. As long as the poop is soft and is produced without evidence of pain, this is not considered to be constipation. The transition from having several stools per day to having somewhere in the range of just one a day to one a week is something which generally happens after 6 weeks. But it's not that uncommon for a baby to arrive at that point in advance of 6 weeks, and as long as baby is gaining weight at a normal rate it's not a problem.

    Except for you, when the poop does come. A lot of breastfeeding moms will and then describe the "poonami" or "diaper-buster" poops that emerge after a baby has gone a week without pooping. We're talking surge-out-of-the-diaper-and-all-over-everything type poop events.

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    Default Re: Very infrequent stools

    I assume baby is only getting breastmilk? Even a little formula may cause digestive issues including making poops less frequent.

    If baby is ebf, then I agree with previous posts. As long as baby is gaining appropriately, maybe your baby just switched to a less frequent pooping pattern a bit earlier than average.

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