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Thread: 6 month old DS fussy during feedings

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    Default 6 month old DS fussy during feedings

    Hello ladies!

    DS has been in daycare now for about a month and he loves it. He takes bottles fine from the ladies here and he always nurses when he's with me. During lunch I go down to the DCP and nurse him. I always call ahead of time to find out when he last had a bottle so I can time it well. It seems to work pretty well. But all this week he's been really fussy when nursing: he'll sit there with the nipple in his mouth and start whining, and then he'll just nurse and whine and nurse and whine. I switch sides and it's frequently the same thing, although sometimes he'll stop whining for at least a couple of minutes and just nurse.

    Sounds like he's frustrated at a slow let down to me (he did this around 8-9 weeks), but I'm worried it may be something more and just wanted to get some ideas and tips from all of you. I'm worried that he may be taking bottles SO well at DCP that he's losing interest in nursing.

    We use slow-flow nipples for his bottles. As for his nursing periods at home he's generally okay but it's hard to tell because they're so infrequent now that he's in daycare. : / We nurse when we get home and about half the time he'll be whiny, then he nurses again at bedtime and generally that's okay, although he's been a bit whiny during that one, too. He nurses one time during the night and is generally so sleepy through it that he only nurses quietly for about 10 minutes and he's done. And then he nurses on waking in the morning, and that session is fine.

    Anyway, hoping you all can reassure me that I'm not in danger of him accidentally weaning somehow!
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    Default Re: 6 month old DS fussy during feedings

    I hope he isn't weaning! He may just be having a growth spurt. I had milk supply issues with my first born and very suddenly at 7 mos he totally quit nursing. I never had to supplement in the afternoons until that day. I seem to have a much better supply with this second baby and hopefully won't have to go down that road.

    I would say if he starts to get REALLY upset and won't nurse at all then maybe he is weaning. Just keep on trucking and maybe try to find an lactation specialist or nursing group in your area for some extra support.

    Does he drink breast milk from bottles or formula?

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    Default Re: 6 month old DS fussy during feedings

    I had the same kind of problems with ds about a month ago. It lasted for a couple weeks. For us I think it was teething, so that's a possibility. He also gets very distracted and won't nurse well at all if anyone is around. I don't know if this is your problem or not but this was my experience.
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