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Thread: Weight gain for 6 month old

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    Default Weight gain for 6 month old

    Hi! I am new here. :-) I am breastfeeding my 6 month old daughter, and she is on the small side (26th percentile for weight, 14th for height) as are her brother, dad, and myself. I had her weighed a few weeks ago at a WIC appointment, and weighed her on a home scale today. She is weighing in at 4 oz less than three weeks ago! I know it is a different scale, but I guess I am a concerned mommy. :-) Everyone always says "oh she is so tiny!" When I tell them that she is 6 months old. She is a happy baby and meeting all her milestones, even started crawling this week. I guess I am just wondering if her weight gain is a problem?? My husband just started a new job so our insurance doesn't kick in until the end of the month so I can't take her to the dr until then.

    She eats about every three hours on demand and we co-sleep so not sure how often she wakes at night but maybe three times?

    Thanks for any advice! :-)

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    I would not suggest doing anything based on one weight check especially if all else seems to be going well. Infant weight gain normaly slows down alot starting around 6 months, and especially when getting mobile baby can really start to lean out. the different scales can make a big difference. When you say home scale, do you mean an adult scale or do you have an infant scale? What about going back into WIC and having baby weighed again there? or just waiting a week or 2 and weighing again on your home scale assuming it can be accurate enough?

    If there is true weight loss, that is possibly concerning, but not neccesarily. In the last 3 weeks, was there illness, travel, general busyness, anything that may have cut down on baby nursing? Have you started solids and if so, has nursing been reduced in any way due to that? Have you started taking any medications such as hormone based birth control that may reduce milk supply?

    Moms of smaller than average babies have such a hard time, hearing 'oh your baby is so small' all the time! but what about larger than average babies? everyone thinks that is just awesome but last I heard, we have a childhood obesity epidemic so why is one automatically good and the other not? Charts show the normal rate of weight gain and growth of healthy babies and healthy babies come in all sizes, so there is nothing wrong with a baby being on the lower side of the chart.

    If your baby has stayed generally around the same growth curve, and is otherwise healthy, meeting milestones, etc, she is almost certainly just fine. WIC or your doctor will have a chart (probably the wrong chart-only the 2006 WHO charts are based on breastfed children, but oh well) and you will see how the curve really begins to flatten out more for all babies for the 2nd half of the first year. If your WIC has a lactation support person you could possibly chat with them about the situation, but inquire about their education and training and make sure they are up on breastfed babies growth and the differences from formula fed or they may freak you out more.

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    Default Re: Weight gain for 6 month old

    100% with LLLMeg. As far as I can tell, people only know how to say 2 things about babies: "Oh, she's so tiny!" and "Oh, she's so big!" I think people just forget how big a baby is likely to be at any given age. I once got both comments from well-meaning old ladies at the grocery store- on the same day! One of them thought my enormous six month old was "so big" and the other one said she was "so small". Go figure. Wish they'd just stuck with "she's so cute"!

    There's a reason good pediatrician's offices weigh babies in the nude, using the same scale. The differences in calibration between scales can be really significant. Don't let the discrepancy in measurements throw you.

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