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Thread: What s ur feeding schedule for 8-9 month

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    Default Re: What s ur feeding schedule for 8-9 m

    I miss that. Mine just gets super crabby now instead of asking to nurse. I'm pretty sure it's just a phase though; he's been doing a lot of "growing up" recently.

    That's one of the many great thing about nursing after a year, mine probably would have nursed more too if I offered more but it didn't matter so much anymore. I like that the pressure is off and we can play it by ear now. Toddler nursing is awesome.

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    Default Re: What s ur feeding schedule for 8-9 m

    5 am nurse (in bed)
    730-8 nurse (before getting up for day)
    9:30 solids 4oz.
    11:30-12 pm nurse then solids
    2 pm nurse
    5 pm nurse
    530-6 pm solids 4-5 oz.
    7 pm nurse at bedtime
    11:30-12am nurse (dream feed if she doesnt wake but she normally does by 12 am)

    this is a modified schedule to add more milk before solid meals b/c she wasnt wanting to take milk from sitter when i was working.. she was only eating 3-6 oz a day when i was gone!!! She loves her solids!

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