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Thread: Calcium & Vitamin D intake?

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    Default Calcium & Vitamin D intake?

    My 15 month old DD has recently cut back her nursing sessions to 2x/day. The past few days she's been nursing a little more but I think that is just because she's been teething. I worry about her Calcium & Vitamin D intake.. is 2x/day sufficient? I don't give her cow's milk. I do sometimes (not daily) give her cheese, and once in awhile I will give her yogurt. I know some vegetables have calcium in them - but in small amounts and not Vitamin D. Does she NEED milk yet or is she still getting enough from me? Thanks

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    Around here, the conventional wisdom is that nursing 3-5 times daily provides for all your baby's "dairy" needs. Can you squeeze in a few more nursing sessions? If not, I think I'd start offering some full-fat dairy products a couple of times a day. How about yogurt?

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