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Thread: can i still produce enough milk?

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    Default can i still produce enough milk?

    I started BFing my LO since day 1 but on her 2nd day at the hospital she needed to be supplemented with formula due to her jaundice. Since then, she's been on formula but i BF her 3-4 times a day during her 1st week after which i had the depression, trouble eating and all that and had been BFing her only 1-2 times a day since then. She's now 6 weeks and i've been back to work full time already since Feb 1st. I try to BF her at night but she would only latch on for a few minutes then get frustrated already when there's not much milk coming out and want a bottle. My breast went back to its prepregnancy size already and my milk supply is getting less and less. The other day i'm able to get 20ml from both breasts when i tried using a manual pump but yesterday i barely got 5ml. I want to still be able to BF my baby or atleast give her my breastmilk in a bottle. But my milk supply is almost gone, the only place i can pump at work is at the ladies restroom and i really can't be away from my desk more than 10minutes unless its lunchbreak and if i try to BF my baby again it'll be most likely between 5pm and 12mn only on work nights but i cna do all day on weekends. With my situation, it is still possible for me to try relactating and be able to produce enough breastmilk for my baby?

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    It is definitely still possible! Check out this link: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/relactation.html

    First most important thing is to nurse as much as you can! The more you nurse the more milk you will make.

    When you do pump, use a hospital grade pump. A hand pump is useful in a pinch (I would never leave the house without one just in case I was out when I needed to pump), but a hospital grade will remove more milk.

    I personally have virtually relactated (though I am exclusively pumping).

    I'm sorry your workplace is not very supportive . I pumped in bathrooms all the time when I was pumping very two hours. Even in a seedy dive bar! It is a personal choice, but the more often you pump, the more milk you make. 10 minutes is plenty of time to get a good amount of milk out! I think it is more important to pump OFTEN, even is just for 2-3 min, than for long periods of time. I would pump in between my classes and I only had 10 minute breaks (including walking/situating myself in the bathroom).

    I am so sorry I can't make a more detailed response! It is already 9:30 and I have serious homework due tomorrow.

    But I want to say you can do it!

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