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Thread: Green mucusy poop...

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    Default Green mucusy poop...

    My LO is 4 months old, exclusively breastfed on demand. Lately her poops have gotten a bit more frequent, runny, and mucusy and today there was one greenish. It's not frothy and I have no reason to think that I have oversupply.

    She's been drooling up a storm lately, so could it be that? Not sure what's going on and if I need to be doing anything.

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    Greenish is still within the range of normal don't sweat it.
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    My pediatrician mentioned that green sometimes means there may be a little bit of a virus that your baby is fighting off, so if anything just nurse whenever you can in order to help build immunity. Otherwise, totally normal, wouldn't be one bit concerned.

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    We had terrible green, runny, rash-inducing poops during the worst of the teething drool, pre-solids (about 7-8 months old for us). They werent cause for alarm, but if we didnt change the diaper IMMEDIATELY, our ds would end up screaming in pain. So just watch out for that.

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