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Thread: Milk Production Down? Or Something Else?

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    If you are going to take a galactagogue I suggest finding one that has more evidence it actually does something. Fenugreek has a long history of being effective for some (not all) moms, and is used quite a bit, with no ill effects in baby. However, kellymom does note the following:

    “Most of the time, baby is unaffected by mom's use of fenugreek (except that more milk is usually available). Sometimes baby will smell like maple syrup, too (just like mom). However, some moms have noticed that baby is fussy and/or has green, watery stools when mom is taking fenugreek and the symptoms go away when mom discontinues the fenugreek.”

    I have checked two sources about red rasp. leaf-kellymom.com and the book Making More Milk and according to those while rrl is often found in galactagogue blends, it is NOT considered a direct galactagogue.

    But if you are concerned about fenugreek there are many other things to try. I suggest the book Making More Milk for a very thorough, evidence based discussion of herbal galactagogues. Kellymom has some info as well.

    The very best way to increase milk supply is to remove milk from the breasts frequently, best from baby nursing, second best from pumping or hand expression. Galactagogues can only be expected to help if frequent milk removal is being done as well.

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    Thanks so much!
    @Mommy2Lilah: thanks We havent seen other symptoms for an ear infection but will keep an eye out.
    @Meg: thank you for the reference. I did find some information on rrl being a galactagogue and in fact my LC also forwarded some info to that effect; however I have noted that it is not widely used. Useful to look up other pieces of reference, will do so. I think that with my current focus on frequent nursing we are doing better on milk production as well. I recall fenugreek did help a lot with quantity in the early days so perhaps that makes sense to go back to.

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