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Thread: No period and 18 months postpartum

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    Nothing's off topic, Meg! I'm currently on a homeopathic remedy for it and I have some lube, etc. For me, it's more psychological, like, I never had to use anything before...hrrumph! For the last 6 days, I have not nursed during the day (son hasn't even asked for it, so it was a natural progression) and I nurse 1-2x in the middle of the night (when he screams bloody murder) but it is getting easier to get him back to sleep with just some pats on the back. I sure hope these changes get something started here! And I'm so thankful he is weaning himself so I feel less guilty.

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    Just to update, I had been experiencing some wetness (a first since Aug. 2010!) during the month of April which progressed into fertile cm so much that I decided to use one of the OPKs I had been periodically testing with. Well, by fluke DH and I had sex the previous night and the OPK was +! We had sex that night, as well, but I'm unsure what is in store for my fertility and am worried a short LP might hinder conception. I had not been charting b/c there was nothing to chart, but have been now since 4/29. It's hard while cosleeping...So, I guess the next thing to watch out for is my period (unless my temps do not show a shift) or BFP.

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    hi all, my daughter is 19 mo and also no signs of period yet. and won't be for a while because yesterday i tested positive on a pregnancy test! i am thrilled bc first of all i've always hated having the period so now that probably means 3-4 years without it (already going 2+3 years). We had decided to try conceiving anyway and would have weaned my daughter if nothing had happened, but that's not necessary now.

    a lot of people mention a dip in supply after getting pregnant... is this normal? is this inevitable? does it usually lead to self-weaning? would love to hear other stories.

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